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Getting started in Spain … What do you arrange yourself? (BARCELONA)

Information sheet
Congratulations! You are invited for an interview with an employer in Spain! Before it is enough that you (possibly) get started for this employer, you can already start arranging the following matters. Read this carefully and if you have any questions, you can always contact us.
What do you need?
 NIE stands for Número de Identidad de Extranjeros (BSN nr.)
 Seguridad Social is the Social Insurance Agency where you must register. This institution takes care of your medical care but also for the social services and has a slightly broader understanding than we are used to in the Netherlands.
 Spanish bank account

These are the three most important things you need to get when you start working in Spain.

How, where and when?
You must request an appointment online for your NIE application. You can do this already because it takes time to get a date for the appointment and then pick up your NIE.
You can do that as follows:
Go to this link https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html
then click at the bottom ACCEDER AL PROCEDIMIENTO

In the next screen you have to choose Barcelona
In the selection menu click on no. 3
In the next selection menu you have to choose CNP – CERTIFICADOS UE

You can go up at the bottom click on ACEPTAR

In the next menu you have to enter your passport / ID number and your full name.
ATTENTION: fill this in correctly because with one wrong letter or number the request can not be submitted.
Once you have completed the captcha, you will get a window where you can choose a date and place.
You always have to enter an address, even if this is a temporary address, it is not a problem to use it.
It is important that you already submit the application for the appointment, so save your time so do not hesitate! As soon as you know that you have an interview for a job in Spain, we advise you to immediately apply.
Documents whose original must be shown and a copy of submitted:
 Passport / Identity card
 Declaration of intent of your new employer (if you already have this)
 Application form

Fill in online and take a printout:
Here you pay € 10,50 via a form “modelo 790” and “code 012” (tax form you can pay at any bank) The form can be found online under https://sede.policia.gob.es:38089/Tasa790_012/ImpresoRellenar or at the police station.
Online you can fill it out and print it out to make it easily payable to the bank. You can also pay it online if you wish.

Number of the Seguridad Social (insurance number)
Registration: you have to do it personally at the office of the Seguridad Social (see the addresses here in Barcelona)
Take with you:
 Registration form that you have already completed;
 Passport or Identity card
 Letter of intent from your new employer, or your employment contract if you already had one.

WITHOUT registration at the Seguridad Social your employer can not draw up a contract of employment so it is important that you arrange this as soon as you are in Spain and have been accepted !!
TIP: If you have worked in Spain before, then you already have a NIE and SS number and it is on your pay slip or employment contract from your previous job. However, your new employer needs a copy of the registration.

Open the Spanish Bank Account
The Spanish employer requires that you open a Spanish bank account when you go to work in Spain. This is to prevent commission payments.
We recommend opening an account at La Caixa. This bank is on almost every corner of every street. If it does not work at one branch, just walk to the next one.

Living space
Are you looking for a place to live in Barcelona?
Take a look at the following links:



www.habitaclia.com www.yaencontre.com www.idealista.com
of via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/groups/?q=room%20barcelona

Also good to know

You will only receive your employment contract on your first working day to sign. This usually happens in 3-fold. One for you, your employer and the administration office. It is a standard document that is used for everyone in Spain but is filled in with the specific characteristics of your job, income and any conditions of the employer.
As in all other countries, you have rights and obligations with your employer. That is quite extensive but a few useful tips are never gone!
If you get sick, you need to get a sickness certificate. That is called the `Baja´. You can obtain this from your regular GP so make sure you request a doctor from your local medical center. For this you must be registered with the municipality.

The day before you start working again if you are better, you also need to get a note stating you are better. This is called the Alta. Without this note both your employer and you are punishable, so make sure you have it when you go back to work!
For doctor’s visits, you may stay away from office for a maximum of 18 hours per year. Of course always in good consultation with your employer or manager. But make sure you always get a proof of “justificante” from your doctor before you return to work.

You can also check this link:
These are the legal labor rules that apply in Spain if you work for an employer. Each sector has its own collective agreement, called `Convenio Colectivo ‘with the specification behind it per sector.

If you have read this and still have questions, you can always contact your contact person or Lonneke
+31 010 340 03 45
+34 635785678 – WhatsApp


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